CARBON STEEL BLADES are made from 1095 or 1075 High Carbon Steel and are heart treated and annealed to about 50-55 HRC. Edges are hand finished and polished to razor sharpness.
CARBON STEEL BLADES are made from 1095 or 1075 High Carbon Steel and are heart treated and annealed to about 50-55 HRC. Edges are hand finished and polished to razor sharpness.
CARBON STEEL BLADES are made from 1095 or 1075 High Carbon Steel and are heart treated and annealed to about 50-55 HRC. Edges are hand finished and polished to razor sharpness.

BLASTED SATIN FINISH is achieved by sand or bead blasting the exposed metal portion of the blade.
ULTRABLAC2 FINISH is a black oxide finish for greater rust prevention that also provides a tactical look. This special finish is cooked into the metal at 285°F. The finish coating meets and exceeds many military specifications from the U.S. and other elite tactical groups around the world, and is well known for metal protection and abrasion resistance.
EPOXY BLACK POWDER COATING is a heavy black paint finish done by powder coating.
CONDOR® BLACK TRACTION POWDER COATING this is a non-reflective powder coating with a texture, designed for tactical use, rust, and abrasion resistance.
CONDOR® NATURAL FINISH is a bare metal look, that has the appeal of a well worn pair of jeans. There is a special treatment over the top of the blade to help repel rust.
CONDOR® CLASSIC FINISH is a perfected process of hand hammering our Classic Series of axes and knives. It gives a classic and enhanced look to an already well made tool. Our employees use hand powered equipment to put this traditional pattern on, to give it a look as if it was hand forged over 200 years ago. The Classic series is a hit with historical camping fans, mountain men, and colonial period war reenactors.
CONDOR® POLISHED FINISH is a accomplish by hand using abrasive materials.

POSZEGRIP SANTOPRENE® HANDLES are strong but have just the right amount of softness to provide a true cushioned grip. These handles are molded directly to the knife blades, have a non-slip texture, and feature a full tang construction with a metal lanyard eyelet that passes through the tang for added strength.
HIGH IMPACT POLYPROPYLENE HANDLES are strong and indestructible. These handles are molded directly to our machetes and knives blades making them impossible to separate. The tang on our polypropylene handle continues to the back of the handle, with a metal lanyard passing through it for added strength.
AMERICAN HICKORY HANDLES are used in our axes, the wood is selected for proper grain orientation and specially assembled for maximum comfort and durability.
WALNUT HANDLES are used in some of our machetes, knives and hatchets.They are finished with a smooth grip and are known for their nice dark look and long durability.
MICARTA® HANDLES are used in some of our tools, enhancing both the look and function while delivering indestructible phenolic performance.
PARACORD WRAPPED HANDLES are made with real 500 lb test parachute cord that has seven inner strands for further use in a situation, where 1 piece of rope might not be enough. One of the strands inside can also be teased apart further, providing fishing line, sewing thread, or help in any situation where a fine, sturdy line is needed.
BURNT AMERICAN ASH OR HICKORY HANDLES are strong and give our spears and axes an ancient look.

CONDOR TORTURE RING is used constantly to test the quality of our products. Our blades have great flexibility and strength. Quality blades do not need to be thick to perform; thinner, lighter and faster is better. We test all our blades in real world situations so we can get feedback and assure that each piece is a quality tool. Our designers and employees also use tools all over the wildernesses of North, Central, and South America and give feedback to improve product performance.

CONDOR® LEATHER SHEATHS are high quality, heavy duty, hand crafted leather. Some of the designs feature a swiveling belt loop that allows the tool to swing out of the way while moving through brush or the jungle. The tool can also be swung out of the way while riding in a truck or car, thus not poking one in the side as a conventional knife sheath.
CONDOR® KYDEX® SHEATHS are hand crafted with quality and pride, and are impervious to the elements. Each comes with a breakaway ball chain necklace.
CONDOR® BALLISTIC NYLON SHEATHS are used in many of our tactical knives as requested by our customers. These sheaths are far quieter than Kydex ®, and are MOLLE compliant. Condor’s special sheath shop conducted research to find materials that would be sturdy, and each sheath is double stitched and reinforced for heavy duty use.
CONDOR® HIGH IMPACT POLYPROPYLENE sheaths are used in some of our newer models as a heavy duty less expensive alternative to kydex and leather. The thick thermo-polymer gives a more compact sheath that matches the same color as the knife handle for a stream line design.
CONDOR® SURVIVAL SYSTEM SHEATH (S-3) is a system designed to carry knives with accesories to increase survival capabilities.The S-3 includes a 1095 Hign Carbon Steel percussion fire starter. The sheath also has a loop to carry an 8 mm diameter ferrocerium rod(not included). it has a pocket for storing a sharpening stone for "Flint & Steel" or any other fire techniques. On its back side,it has three leather straps to interlace with paracord and a belt loop which makes the S-3 quite comfortable to carry.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY Condor® tools are warranted to be free of defects in materials, manufacture or assembly for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

Damage due to abuse, misuse or neglect is not covered. Defective products will be repaired, replaced or substituted with the same item or item of equal value. To get service under warranty, send the product, postage paid, to the address listed below.

You may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Wooden axe handles are not warranted by Condor®, but replacement handles are available for purchase.

All of the axe heads are warranted.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED if for any reason you are not 100% happy with the performance of any of these products, simply return with postage paid to Condor® Tool & Knife, with dated proof of purchase for a full refund.

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