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IN MEMORIAL ARLAN D. LOTHE (NOV 1943 - JULY 2011) his designs and development philosophies are elemental: improve an existing product or create a new one to satisfy customer wants and needs. Arlan started A.D. Lothe & Associates, Inc. in 1988 as a consulting company for design, product development and marketing, specializing in knives, hand tools and kitchen items. Over the years Arlan designed for and consulted with many nationally known firms, and held over 20 patents, including but not limited to knives, hand tools, broadheads and knife sharpeners. He was an avid hunter, outdoorsman, woodworker, knife and axe thrower, and gourmet chef. His practical experience, as well as over 35 years of creative endeavors, led to numerous awards for his innovations. In 2006, Arlan was inducted into the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame for “outstanding design.” He brought his vast qualifications to his partnership with Condor® in the development of first quality knives and tools for the outdoor market.  He will always be honored and remembered.
JOE FLOWERS is responsible for many of the interesting blade designs throughout the pages of the Condor catalog. Joe writes for a myriad of magazines and publications, and contributes regularly to the outdoor community, concentrating in woodcraft and primitive living. His knowledge of outdoor gear led to consulting on equipment design and function for many companies.  Joe holds a degree in Zoology with a minor in Entomology, and researches heavily into all things outdoors. Joe Flowers also teaches outdoor skills and survival classes around the US. Locally, he teaches fitness, martial arts, and organizes youth summer camps in his spare time. Joe is an avid naturalist, hunter, fisherman, herpetologist, videographer, beekeeper, knife thrower, guide, and regularly travels internationally in search of knife knowledge and unique animals. You can find Condor® on Joe’s side when he is deep in the Amazonian rain forest, or high in the deserts of Utah.
JUAN CAGAMPANG is a recent addition to the Condor design team. He is an outdoor industry veteran with almost fifteen years of experience designing, making and testing award-winning products that range from outdoor clothing, soft goods, tabletop, knives, tools and automotive aftermarket cargo management products. He even had a brief stint as a stuntman for a major motion picture. His work has appeared in numerous publications, including Outside and Adventure magazines, Popular Science and Uncrate. An avid and committed outdoor adventurer, Juan has rock climbed, skied, mountaineered, rafted and bike raced throughout the western United States and South America. He holds a degree in Archaeology, as well as a degree in Industrial Design. He currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.
MATT GRAHAM has experience living off the land: he went for a walk one day and ended up spending six months on his own in the wild. He lives in a remote area of southern Utah where he primarily sleeps in rudimentary structures. ”You may have seen Matt use Condor products on TV. “ In 2015, Graham and Condor Tool & Knife teamed up to develop a special line of “Primitive Survival Tools”, combining Matt´s core knowledge of aboriginal skills and pioneer design with Condor´s old world hand craftsmanship. Our Primitive Survival Series Tools are built tough and will take you to the next level in your adventures.
WALTER A. MATTHEWS  is a survival techniques specialist who also served as an officer for more than 20 years in the Chilean Marine Corps. In 2005 he founded in Chile the first Survival and Primitive Skills school. As an S.E.R.E. Instructor, he has also trained Special Forces operators on survival techniques. His tactical experience, self-reliance, primitive skills, and bushcraft tecniques in diferent locations throughout the world, give him the ability to design various types of knives and outdoor tools.
TONY LENNARTZ  has been an icon in outdoor, survival and bushcraft for decades. His wide range of experience is based on his years of professional activity as a soldier and policeman, as well as on his lifelong passion for life in the wilderness. During many longer stays in Canada a close connection with the culture of the Native Canadians developed, whose techniques and methods he could learn there. The training courses of Tony Lennartz, which take place on a large area in the Eifel, have taught thousands of participants the foundations of survival in the wild for many years. Like no other, Tony Lennartz bundles the wilderness experience from decades and develops his strategies and techniques permanently. Thus his knife and axe  designs are the essence of his knowledge and a clear commitment to his philosophy of uncompromising functionality.



I would like to buy the Otzi knife, but I cant find it anywhere, am I able to buy it directly from you or is it even possible?

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