Condor TK


Can you send me a print catalog?
To receive a free printed catalog in the United States and Canada, please send us your address to the following email address and we will mail you a printed one.

How do I proceed if I have some issues with my Condor knife and I want to claim the warranty?
To analize your claim, please send us a picture of your Condor product to the following email; include your address as well. We will get you a replacement if the issue is approved by our Quality Department. Note: we return only the knives and axes, not the sheaths.

Can I have a refund for a Condor product?
If you don’t want a replacement for a warranty item; after you send us the item back, please send us a copy of your receipt and your Pay Pal account number to proceed with a refund.

Do you sell replacement parts?
Sorry, we don’t sell replacement parts for the moment.

Can you sponsor my organizations and/or donate products for an event?
Please send us a letter detailing your request to the following email

When can I get the new 2016 products?
We expect to start shipping our new lineup during April / May 2016. Please check our dealers worldwide to confirm availability

I have a blog/website/YouTube /Facebook page, etc.; can you please send me a product to review it?
Please send us an email detailing your proposal to and we will consider your request in our yearly marketing program.

Diamond stone then move to a wet stone.

Belt sander is probably the best with 120 grit paper. File would be the next best.

Use sand paper on a flat surface with a mouse pad underneath to give it a cushion. Work the blade so not to cut the paper start with 100 grit finish with 200-300 grit.

Note: the best scandi grind is 12 degrees.

Do you sell extra sheaths?
Sorry, we do not offer replacement sheaths.

I’m left handed and I would like a custom sheath, do you make them?
Sorry, we don’t make left handed sheaths.

Where can I buy Condor products?
You can find a list of our authorized dealers worldwide in the following link:

I want to become a Condor Dealer, what can I do?
Please send us your company information to the following email, in order for us to send you the terms and conditions for becoming a dealer. You may also consider buying direct from one of our current dealers worldwide



I wanted a knife with a full tang, that was light weight, and tougher than the Mora family. The Bushlore was a perfect fit! The handle of the knife just sinks comfortably in the palm of my hand. I can work for extended periods of time, without any "hot spots" or discomfort. It sits comfortably on my hip, unlike the longer, heavier Schrade knives that are always getting in the way. The sharp spine throws a great spark. The thick blade makes it a very tough blade, able to put up with alot of abuse. Ive had many knives over the years, but this has become my go-to, everyday knife.

by nicosebi

Extremely strong blade for things like a hog spear, etc. We use it all the time to hunt down and exterminate the gigantic poisonous cane toads. I bought mine before they came with the fancy wood shaft. Too bad they cancelled that option.

by Newtonian