Condor TK


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Love this knife. I was out setting limb lines, a water moccasin fell into my boat, i grabbed the hudson bay id been using it to cut carp for bait one whack and the snake was dead with no head and the plywood floor in my boat had a pretty good gash in it. Ive since used it for all sorts of stuff, great knife!!!

by DD

Straight edge reviews coming at you from Sidney.Ohio with a review of the new kickback knife .i recieved this around july 20 2016.thanks condor.and i have to say this is a great design .i love the black traction coating ,it wears really well ive used this everyday and ive cut tomatoes .steak.and even used as a carving knife .the 1075 hc metal holds up real well and retains its sharpness .and the weight is perfect for all day carry.i swapped out the ball and chain for paracord just so ihave that option .i look at this to be my everyday cary as the task for what it is is will enjoy it also

by henbone