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Well this is my first hatchet.. I was so excited that I found it last min before buying the greenland hatchet.... especially since the long handle... everything is great about it.. Nice sheath. Im having trouble with it.. so far it stinks at chopping and felling.. its really thick edge.. Ive taking it down a lot but maybe not enough... edge so far is around 40 degrees. Maybe its me, Maybe its the wood.. I havent really put much effort in it so far... I will soon enough and then Ill be able to judge it more fairly... I wont give up on it cause it really is beautiful. Just needs some edge work..

by hunter69

I am doing a review on the new primitive bushcraft knife .i have version 1 as well .ill start off by saying i have no complaints about the version 1 . I have used it for over a year and its done great .no chips .or handle problems .i went to rick in florida who works for condor and told him a lot of guys like the knife wich is 420 hc and asked for one made of a higher carbon .they got with matt graham and got one together.and i must say thier 420hc is some of the best ive seen .other more expensive knives made of the same steel .waved and chipped .i took a browning black label to cut on a small christmas tree and had moon shaped chips and waves .so way to go the version 2 is a 1075 hc blade 3mm thick wich is also blasted satin as a finish and a micarta handle wich feels great in the hand and is perfectly finish flush with the blade .ive used it as a t and e knife ive cut logs .chopped on oak trees and took both to my bushsrvival classes and a wide range of guys has used it and done everything down to cutting tires in half and it has remained sharp .no chips.or waves.the handle is still tight.the difference ive noticed is the new version holds an edge longer and feels better olmost as a cushion cause your whole hand can purchase the knife for chopping and control .i would recommend both but for the serious die hard bushcrafter try ver 2 u will be happy you did

by henbone