Condor TK


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Extremely strong blade for things like a hog spear, etc. We use it all the time to hunt down and exterminate the gigantic poisonous cane toads. I bought mine before they came with the fancy wood shaft. Too bad they cancelled that option.

by Newtonian

First, the star rating is messed up, doesnt register my rating: 3 stars

This is an awesome tool after I reground the two legs that attach the head to the handle with a crossbolt. The problem is that one leg was 4mm longer than the other and convex in profile on the facet that interfaces with the jam nut to lock the head perpendicular to the handle. This meant that with the head locked perpendicular to the handle, its most used position, only one leg locked into the jam nut and took all the strain. The head rocked back and forth with the jam nut tightened with a strap wrench straight out of the box! Ten minutes of heavy digging and the head was wobbling back and forth alarmingly and the jam nut was still tight. The single locking leg had rounded off its corners until the other leg made contact on the washer on either side of its travel. I disassembled the shovel and ground both legs to the same length and slightly concave using a bench grinder and a jig to maintain alignment. Ill never understand why Condor didnt do likewise. A concave end facet allows room for wear at the corners and keeps the head locked solidly in position over time. Its the end facet that takes all the strain of impact when the tool is used as a mattock or pick. This trick works on every folding shovel that uses a jam nut and drastically increases the service life of the tool. A folding shovel with a wobbly head is a tool thats tearing itself apart!

Once I had repaired and reassembled this tool it rocked! It digs nearly as quickly as a full sized five pound pick mattock. I love that the pick can gouge and scoop on the same motion. I seriously didnt notice a difference in feel when I hit a wrist sized root! It just started throwing chips and I just kept digging. I was an army medic for more than a decade and while theres no way Id schlep this on the line unless we were in garrison and digging was our mission, Id certainly throw one in a truck or a duffle bag! I cant stress enough how superior this tool is for digging and grubbing wildfire suppression compared to an army issue E-tool! Its SO much easier to pack into a remote area than a pick mattock and it digs and hoes better than a Pulaski.

by dannistim