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Straight edge reviews coming at you from Sidney.Ohio with a review of the new kickback knife .i recieved this around july 20 2016.thanks condor.and i have to say this is a great design .i love the black traction coating ,it wears really well ive used this everyday and ive cut tomatoes .steak.and even used as a carving knife .the 1075 hc metal holds up real well and retains its sharpness .and the weight is perfect for all day carry.i swapped out the ball and chain for paracord just so ihave that option .i look at this to be my everyday cary as the task for what it is is will enjoy it also

by henbone

After three years of using my Woodworker Axe, I gifted it to my son in law who now uses it every time he goes into the woods. I thought it was a great gift and it was still as reliable as the day I bought it. As with all other Condor axes that use 1060 carbon steel, they look great, hold an edge and sharpen with ease when the time comes. One of the things I really like about this particular axe is the straight hickory handle and how it slides easily into most webbing and straps on a majority of my packs. The shape of the head allows you to "choke up" on the handle for finer wood working tasks and the lanyard hole is always helpful. The standard high quality welted leather sheath comes with this axe as well. I have no complaints and my son in law loves it.