Condor TK


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This is the perfect tool for the outdoors man, whether hunting in the brush of Kansass Flint Hills, Kayak trekking in the wilderness from North Cascades National Park Wa. to Canada or Ultra light Back Packing in Alaska, as well as the more mundane blackberry picking from old over grown canes. I have used this everywhere for processing game and fish to splitting firewood for the campfire and clearing brush this has gone with me. I even took it with me to Afghanistan there is no limit to its uses while being extremely light the added length from the original gives this one enormous flexibility, leverage and chopping power this tool is a true jack of all cutting chores. If I could only take one tool with me into the outdoors this would be it hands down.


Never have I owned a stronger more effective machete in my life and I have had a few . Superb edge retention yet easy to sharpen when needed,at 3 mm thick it is rigid and heavy enough for any task from The small forests of England to the Jungles of the Congo and has been seriously tested in both locations .So popular with the English forestry workers are they, that each of the 12 team members insisted on owning their own .Thank you for your superb tools .Oh and the leather sheath that come s with it was a huge surprise ,I have never come across a better made high quality leather sheath on any blade like this anywhere so thank you and keep it up you have an army of fans as well as me .

by Richard