Condor TK


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I wanted a knife with a full tang, that was light weight, and tougher than the Mora family. The Bushlore was a perfect fit! The handle of the knife just sinks comfortably in the palm of my hand. I can work for extended periods of time, without any "hot spots" or discomfort. It sits comfortably on my hip, unlike the longer, heavier Schrade knives that are always getting in the way. The sharp spine throws a great spark. The thick blade makes it a very tough blade, able to put up with alot of abuse. Ive had many knives over the years, but this has become my go-to, everyday knife.

by nicosebi

Extremely strong blade for things like a hog spear, etc. We use it all the time to hunt down and exterminate the gigantic poisonous cane toads. I bought mine before they came with the fancy wood shaft. Too bad they cancelled that option.

by Newtonian