Condor TK




Never have I owned a stronger more effective machete in my life and I have had a few . Superb edge retention yet easy to sharpen when needed,at 3 mm thick it is rigid and heavy enough for any task from The small forests of England to the Jungles of the Congo and has been seriously tested in both locations .So popular with the English forestry workers are they, that each of the 12 team members insisted on owning their own .Thank you for your superb tools .Oh and the leather sheath that come s with it was a huge surprise ,I have never come across a better made high quality leather sheath on any blade like this anywhere so thank you and keep it up you have an army of fans as well as me .

by Richard

I really like this knife's size design. The weight is perfect for every day carry as well. The downside of the knife's is the quality control. The brass pins protrude from the hole enough to snag or cut your hand. The handles were not even with on side being thicker than the other. The contour of the handles wear also significantly different from each other. If the quality control of this knife were to improve this would be a perfect decent bushcraft fixed blade.

by Hitecktracker