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Condor® Blade Finishes

BLASTED SATIN FINISH is achieved by sand or bead blasting the exposed metal portion of the blade.
ULTRABLAC2 FINISH is a black oxide finish for greater rust prevention that also provides a tactical look. This special finish is cooked into the metal at 285°F. The finish coating meets and exceeds many military specifications from the U.S. and other elite tactical groups around the world, and is well known for metal protection and abrasion resistance.
MYSTIC CAMO FINISH  is a secret finishing process developed by Condor® Tool & Knife to add a random black and grey camo pattern to its blades. This process involves no painting or other surface additions. This special finish becomes part of the blade surface and will not rub off.
EPOXY BLACK POWDER COATING  is a heavy black paint finish done by powder coating.
CONDOR® BLACK TEXTURED POWDER COATING  provides a tough and durable  blade finish. It is also textured, nont reflective for tactical use.
CONDOR® NATURAL FINISH  is a roughed out metal look that can be just as eye catching as any other finish, and similar to a well worked pair of jeans. This special treatment over the top of the blade helps repel rust. 
CONDOR® CLASSIC FINISH  is a perfected process of hand hammering our Classic Series of axes and knives. It gives a classic and enhanced look to an already well made tool. Our employees use hand powered equipment to put this traditional pattern on, to give it a look as if it was hand forged over 200 years ago. The Classic series is a hit with historical camping fans, mountain men, and colonial period war reenactors.